Innovation Salon – Robotics, Space Lasers, and the Information Super Highway: US-Japan Partnerships in the Space SectorRobots Won’t Save Japan – An Interview with Author James Wright

In the space sector, partnerships and collaboration between the US and Japan remain critically important for economic growth and national security. Both nations have enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship in many different economic sectors, beyond just space. As these national economies become more global, effective and productive partnerships become even more important. Navigating the challenges of cultural differences, language barriers, and national policy all must be considered when executing a joint partnership. 

In 2022, the global space economy was estimated at over 460 billion dollars. Much of this growth is taking place in the commercial space sector as governments, including the US and Japan, turn to commercial service providers to fill both civil and security needs. In the US and Japan, this is leading companies to seek partnerships to work together to address the bilateral opportunity.

Please join us as we consider US-Japan partnership challenges and opportunities, with a focus on the space marketplace. Mr. Michael Fletcher of MJF Consulting, LLC will moderate a panel with Mr. Sho Nakanose, CEO of the US (formerly Japanese) space robotics company GITAI, Mr. Campbell Marshall, the COO of the space based optical data network company, Skyloom Global, and Mr. Yohei Yamamoto, the VP of Strategy for Space Compass, a joint venture between the Japanese satellite operator SKY Perfect JSAT and the Japanese telecommunications company NTT. Each panelist brings a unique perspective on working together between the US and Japan. Join us as they share those experiences and answer audience questions.