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7th Annual JP-US Innovation Awards Symposium

Friday, July 28, 2017 1:30 PM – 6:30 PM

The Japan Society of Northern California congratulates the winners of the 2017 Japan-US Innovation in Business and Technology Awards, presented at Stanford University in partnership with their US-Asia Technology Management Center.

These companies exemplify the dynamism of innovative Japanese and US companies across the Pacific.

2017 Emerging Leaders
Preferred Networks, Inc. (Japan)
Cylance Inc. (USA)

2017 Outstanding Innovation Awardees
The Pokémon Company (Japan)
Niantic, Inc. (USA)

2017 Innovation Showcase Companies
Fracta, Inc.
Megakaryon Corporation
Seven Dreamers Laboratories, Inc.
TBM, Co., Ltd.
Treasure Data

The Outstanding Innovation Awards were presented for the first time this year. The awards represent a new category in the Japan – U.S. Innovation Program, which has been active continuously since its beginning in 2011.  These Awards recognize dynamic, growing, and entrepreneurial firms built around outstanding innovations in technology or in business that already show signs of potentially changing the world.  Each year, up to three Outstanding Innovation Awards are presented to U.S. firms and up to three to Japanese firms.

Symposium attendees had the opportunity to see first-hand the products offered by the 5 showcase companies being honored and were able to network with leaders who are active at the intersection of Japanese creativity and San Francisco/Silicon Valley entrepreneurship and innovation.

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