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Wednesday, March 7, 2018: Japan – US Innovation Awards 2018 OUTSTANDING INNOVATION – US

The Japan – U.S. Innovation Awards Program is excited to announce the U.S. winners of the 2018 Outstanding Innovation Awards.

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Prof. Richard Dasher, Chair of the Steering Committee of the Awards Program, observed “The 2018 winners, WeWork and FogHorn Systems, have developed and implemented highly distinctive innovations that are already having a big impact on broad areas of business.”

WeWorkFogHorn Systems provides a technology platform for the rapidly growing domain of IOT systems with “intelligence at the edge,” a new cloud computing architecture that will enable real-time applications such as self-driving cars and networked robotics.

WeWork uses a sharing economy business model for office spaces to build communities in which people work to have a life, not just make a living.  Over 100,000 members worldwide are increasing productivity and developing new opportunities through WeWork’s refreshing designs and services that are inspiring the evolution of new patterns of work.

The Awards were presented during a Public Videoconference at Stanford University with a real-time two-way link to an audience in Tokyo. Yuta Endo, VP, General Manager of Business Development, and an original team member of FogHorn Systems and Elton Kwok, GM Northern California of WeWork described their companies’ innovations and discussed challenges and best practices for achieving success with disruptive innovations having U.S. – Japan links. Prof. Dasher will served as host and moderator for the March 7 Videoconference program.

The Outstanding Innovation Awards are a new award category in the Japan – U.S. Innovation Program (www.usjinnovate.org), which has been active continuously since its beginning in 2011.  These Awards recognize dynamic, growing, and entrepreneurial firms built around outstanding innovations in technology or in business that already show signs of potentially changing the world.  Each year, up to three Outstanding Innovation Awards are presented to U.S. firms and up to three to Japanese firms.

The Japan – U.S. Innovation Awards Program is presented by the Japan Society of Northern California in cooperation with the Stanford University US-Asia Technology Management Center.  Award selection is made via a rigorous year-long process conducted by the 40+ member Innovation Advisory Council that includes distinguished representatives from industry, academia, and the nonprofit sector.

2018 Japan – U.S. Innovation Awards Symposium

  • Signature event of the Japan – U.S. Innovation Awards Program, organized by the Japan Society of Northern California in cooperation with the Stanford University US-Asia Technology Management Center
  • Friday, July 13, 2018 at the Stanford University Arrillaga Alumni Center from 1:30 – 6:00 p.m.
  • Emerging Leader Awards will be presented to a Japanese and a U.S. company demonstrating very rapid growth and a unique, disruptive innovation and/or business model.
  • Innovation Showcase will recognize up to five exciting Japanese start-up companies. An invitation-only workshop will be curated for these companies connecting them with Silicon Valley resources and mentoring.

New for 2018 –  Outstanding Innovation Award

The Japan – U.S. Innovation Awards Program in 2018 will initiate the Outstanding Innovation Award to honor dynamic, rapidly growing and entrepreneurial firms.

  • Honors up to 3 U.S. and 3 Japanese companies in two public videoconference programs with live audiences both in the U.S. and in Japan in early 2018.
  • Chosen for outstanding innovations in technology or business that show signs of potentially changing the world.
  • Winners will be selected by the Innovation Advisory Council, following a rigorous process.
  • Outstanding Innovation Award winners will automatically be considered for the Emerging Leader Awards presented at the 2018 Innovation Awards Symposium.

Congratulations to the awardees and showcase companies honored at the seventh annual Japan-US Innovation Awards Symposium last year.

Emerging Leader Awardees 2017

Preferred Networks, Inc.
Hiroshi Maruyama, Chief Strategy Officer
cylance logo
Cylance Inc.
Stuart MacClure, Co-Founder,Chairman & CEO

Innovation Showcase Awardees 2017

Fracta, Inc.
Takashi Kato, Co-Founder & CEO

Megakaryon Corporation
Genjiro Miwa, Co-Founder, President & CEO

Seven Dreamers Laboratories, Inc.
Shin Sakane, President & CEO

TBM Co., Ltd.
Nobuyoshi Yamasaki, CEO

Treasure Data

Kiyoto Tamura, Vice President, Marketing

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Fracta, Inc.

Megakaryon Corporation


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  • Tim Romero, media sponsor for the 2017 Innovation Awards Symposium, interviews founder of Euglena, winner of the Emerging Leader Award in the 2013.


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