When the best of Japanese creativity and American entrepreneurial skill join forces, unimagined opportunities occur



Now in its seventh year, the Japan – U.S. Innovation Awards Initiative fosters constructive interaction between Japan and the San Francisco/Silicon Valley innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The 2017 Japan – U.S. Innovation Awards Symposium will be held Friday, July 28, 2017 at the Stanford University Arrillaga Alumni Center from 1:30 – 6:30 pm. The Symposium is offered by the Japan Society of Northern California in cooperation with the Stanford University US–Asia Technology Management Center.

Companies honored in prior years include Dropbox, Mercari, Twitter, DeNA, Tesla Motors, Sanbio, euglena co. Ltd., Square, Cellular Dynamics, Mitsubishi Aircraft, Bloom Energy, Stratasys, Ltd., LINE Corporation, JINS Co., Ltd. and iRobot.


Emerging Leader Awards:

In 2017 Emerging Leader Awards will be presented to both a U.S. and a Japanese company, each having demonstrated very high growth and a unique, disruptive innovation or business model. Companies selected will be judged primarily on the overall impact of its innovation, relevance to Japan and the Bay Area and the promise of future growth and impact.

Additional information about the Emerging Leader Awards, including selection criteria and nomination process, can be found at Description/Selection. Nominations close on Sunday, January 29, 2017.


2016 Emerging Leader Award Winners: Mercari (Japan) and Dropbox (US)


Innovation Showcase:

Up to five exciting Japanese start-up companies will be recognized in the Innovation Showcase, now in its third year. (Photographed are 2016 Showcase companies Axelspace, Floadia Corporation, Preferred Networks, Inc, Spiber, Inc., and Xenoma Inc.) These companies are incubating innovations with the potential to be disruptive and transformational. Showcase companies will participate in a highly interesting panel discussion featuring the best of Japanese innovation and entrepreneurship.

Additional information about the Innovation Showcase, including selection criteria and nomination process, can be found by clicking on Description. Nominations close on Sunday, January 29, 2017.


For a look at the 2016 Innovation Awards Symposium click here.




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