Nominations are closed for 2023. Thank you for your submissions!

Welcome! We are currently inviting anyone who would like to nominate companies for the Emerging Leader and Innovation Showcase Awards for the 2023 Japan – U.S. Innovation Awards!

The Innovation Initiative, begun in 2011, highlights an increasingly important area of cooperation between Japan and the U.S. – in particular with Northern California. Through this effort JSNC seeks to encourage productive Japan – U.S. innovation and entrepreneurship, to provide role models for future innovators and to spotlight Japanese creativity and vitality often overlooked by U.S. media. This Initiative complements U.S. – Japan government–to– government dialogue and other efforts that promote innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation.

Emerging Leader Awards will be presented to a later stage Japanese and a U.S. company that demonstrates fast growth, unique, disruptive technology and a capacity to disrupt and transform an industry or value chain.

The Innovation Showcase will select up to five exciting Japanese start-up companies that exhibit noteworthy potential.

This form will allow you to nominate an American or Japanese company for recognition in one of our three award categories. Please refer to the text below for the selection criteria.