Awards will be presented in an “Emerging Leader” category.  The “Emerging Leader” Award will be presented each year to one Japanese and one U.S. company.


Possible Other Awards:

Recognizing that innovation is not predictable, and most certainly there will be exciting Japan – U.S. innovation successes in categories that cannot be predicted in advance, the Steering Committee, with the consensus of the IAC and the JSNC Board, will have broad powers to present awards to worthy innovators in special categories from time to time.

For example, the Steering Committee may identify a non-profit organization worthy of recognition as the recipient of an “Outstanding Social Innovator Award” for the “game changing” nature of its contribution to Society.  Although the selection of such an extraordinary award may not involve a regular competition, the award may be granted with the consensus of the IAC.

In previous years the Steering Committee and IAC honored Xerox Corporation for its 50 year partnership with Fuji – Xerox and Former U.S. Ambassador to Japan John V. Roos for Distinguished Accomplishment.

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